Does It Work – Can It Heat Leftover Pizza?


Gail Churinetz Tests the 5 Minute Chef

“MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Want to cook with confidence? The Red Copper Five Minute Chef claims to make home cooked meals in minutes. Just fill, close and cook, but Does It Work?

To test it out, WREG’s Corie Ventura enlisted the help of Gail Churinetz, an award-winning chef who owns her own pizza party business right here in Shelby County.

“It’s not only therapeutic. I really enjoy when people say, ‘Wow that is the best pizza I’ve ever had’. It’s very rewarding.”

So she’s the perfect person to test the Red Copper Five Minute Chef —an electric meal maker that is nonstick, and comes with both a spatula and recipe guide.

Gail plugged it in to preheat. Once the light turned green, we knew it was ready. She whisked two eggs, sliced up cooked sausage and diced a bell pepper. Next, she poured it all in and closed the lid.

According to the instructions, we needed to flip it over two minutes into our four- minute cook time.

“Looks good. Wow!”

The omelet didn’t stick. It also tasted delicious and cooked in four minutes.

“And I’m impressed that the sausage is hot.”

Just a quick swipe with a paper towel and the cleanup was done.

Up next, hash browns with cheese.

Within minutes the has browns were sizzling, but it took nearly 13 minutes to fully cook. Gail said she didn’t mind since it normally takes her 20 minutes in a pan.

She then wanted to test whether the Red Copper Five Minute Chef could reheat her homemade breakfast pizza that was topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and tomatoes.

“The best way to heat up leftover pizza is typically in a nonstick dry skillet on the stove, but we’re going to try this.”

They placed a piece inside and closed the lid. Two minutes later, a surprising result.

“Yeah! Look at that. It holds up!”

The toppings were hot and the crust was still crispy!

Red Copper Five Minute Chef, you passed the Does It Work test.” – WREG – News Channel 3
Does It Work – Can The Red Copper Five Minute Chef Reheat Leftover Pizza

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