In Home Pizza Parties

Over 20 years experience in creating pizzas….awarding winning pizza maker!  How much fun would it be to showcase my pizza making creativity to your friends and family.
I will come into your home, bake the pizzas of your choice, entertain your guests, and create amazing, award winning pizzas!
Also available, kids pizza parties and how to learn to make award winning pizza’s cooking classes.  Book your party today! 


I look forward to entertaining you and your guests.

  • Gail you spoiled me with your pizzas. I have not eaten pizza since you left our food lab. Nothing compares to yours.

    Fulya E.
  • Auntie Gail has the secret weapon to make some of the best pizzas in the world… CONNECTICUT WATER!!

    Tiffany P.
  • You are the best when it comes to great food! (pizza is a winner! ) .. yet your intimate dinners are amazing! and making the entire experience magical. )You could be hosting an intimate dinner for a special occasion or just creating a fun experience for the kids. YOU ROCK! No one will be disappointed! Yum! I love your parties! Your personality and knowledge makes for an unbelievable, fun, quality time….Just say’in….

    Lynn E.
  • Gail makes the best pizza I ever had and I have been in food research for 35 years. It’s the water!

    Pete F.
  • I have eaten pizza in many cities, states, and countries (including Italy). Gail’s pizza is the best!!!

    Jon H.
  • Gail, your pizza parties are awesome! I’ve been to two and I love your delicious pizza and the it’s always an adventure to see the different pizza you introduce to the crowd! It brings back great memories of eating pizza in Florence, Italy!I want to book a party soon!

    Beverly F.
  • I’ve been to one of Gail’s pizza parties…SO much fun and the food was spectacular!!

    Angela H.
  • I have known Gail for many years. She is a very hard worker, great customer service with very high integrity. Her pizza creations are many of the best i have ever had. I highly recommend Gail for any food related endeavors.

    Jim B.