How to Eat A Slice of Pizza

The first thing I tell my guests at my “in home pizza parties” is to put away the silverware!!!   Pizza should NEVER been eaten with a fork & a knife, in fact, its sacrilegious!  There has been so much attention brought to this very subject that even Jon Stewart took on Bill de Blasio eating pizza with a fork and a knife:

My friend Scott Weiner, Owner of Scotts Pizza Tours in NYC, has his own views on this subject:

Anthony Bruno owner of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza has a cute video about eating pizza with a fork & a knife, I wonder if he ever dated her again???:

Another one of my favorite clips is Bernie Sanders on “How to Eat a Pizza in New York:

If you “Google How To Eat Pizza” you will find that in Italy they do indeed use a fork and a knife, but do you know why????  Because the pizzas are NOT sliced when brought to the table:


So PLEASE, put down that:


And start eating pizza the RIGHT way! AMEN!!!!

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